Braille AI Tutor
Custom advanced braille literacy
using a refreshable display

ObjectiveEd received a grant from Microsoft's AI for Accessibility for our innovation Braille AI Tutor.

Details are here:

Braille AI Tutor is one of the technologies in the ObjectiveEd suite.  It lets a student improve their braille literacy using a braille display and speech recognition.


Here's how it works:

  1. You create your lesson content at the ObjectiveEd web-dashboard.

  2. Braille AI Tutor sends one word or sentence at a time to the refreshable braille display.

  3. The student speaks the sentence as she reads the braille words.

  4. Braille AI Tutor sends the audio to the Microsoft Speech Recognition Service.

  5. The words, as text, are sent back to Braille AI Tutor

  6. Braille AI Tutor compares what the student spoke - as words - to the sentence sent to the braille display.  If it's the same, the child scores points in the game.

Lessons that match what your students enjoy

Just like with Braille Sheets, you can create your own lesson (or search the Professional Network for another teacher's lesson) that matches your students interest and requirements.

Braille AI Tutor - Read Aloud Game Video
Braille Sheets Games

Braille Letter Identification

Cell Tutor shows up to three letters or numbers and the game asks the student to identify which letter or number is which

Great way for students to practice identifying differences between various letters or numbers- students hatch an egg for each correct answer.


Braille Reading

Braille Read Aloud lets students to practice reading sentences and speaking the sentences out loud as they go on a treasure hunt.

You choose the sentences, and the student reads them.  Each time a student reads correctly they earn keys that will unlock a treasure chest.


Braille-based Comprehension Quiz for any subject

Braille Display Quiz is a curriculum game to practice reading comprehension skills.   

In Braille Display Quiz, you set up your lesson content such as several paragraphs, and that content is sent to braille display.  The student reads your lesson, then the quiz games asks questions and student must speak their answer.  It’s a great way to improve comprehension skills and you can tailor your lesson to the student’s interests and requirements.