ObjectiveEd  "Closed-loop" Curriculum-based Games

ObjectiveEd games are based on our patent-pending "closed-loop" curriculum technology.  

​​Each game is part of a comprehensive curriculum based on the goals and objectives of a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).  The game is individually tuned to meet the unique needs of the student, and all members of the IEP team: teachers, therapists, specialists and parents – are able to monitor the student’s progress through a web-based dashboard.

For visually impaired students, the games and interactive simulations address most areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum, and are fully accessible to both students who are screen reader users and those with usable vision. 

As shown in the picture below,  our "closed-loop" curriculum technology means that the game monitors the student's progress, continually modifying itself to reinforce skills while engaging and entertaining the student.

1. Based on IEP, teacher specifies (more) skills for student to learn

4. Game evaluates student progress, adjusting itself to keep student engaged and entertained

2. Game adjusts itself to match skills student should acquire

3. Student plays game, not realizing how much they are learning.

5. Teacher or parent monitors  student's progress on web dashboard

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