ObjectiveEd's Web Dashboard

Pick skills to practice

See how quickly students master them


For each of your students, you create one or more goals that correspond to their IEP goals, such as "Demonstrate an improvement in the functional use of left and right".

A goal contains each of the skills that can be used to master that goal.

For example, your student is learning laterality, the goal could contain one or more of the following skills:

  • Barnyard game, laterality skill

  • Speed Gesture game, practice swiping left and right


You can create goals, or use goals created by other teachers.


Customize the game in the way that teaches the skill you want to accomplish.

With Speed Gesture, there are over 15 customizable settings, including which gestures to practice, difficulty, music selection and length of each game round.

For example, you could customize the game so a beginner student first masters tapping and swiping.


Watch how your student performs on each component of the skill they need to master.

For each game, there are customized graphs showing the student's accuracy.

You can see the student's latest play through, and that the student was strong on some gestures, but less so on others.


Watch how your student improves over time.

You can see how the student improves their score - hence their mastery of voice-over gestures - over the selected time frame.


For each IEP skill, you can see how close your student is to acheiving the targets you've set.

On the left graph, you can see which games David has played and how much time he's played.On the right graph, you can see how close David is to the target he is for each of the skills you have assigned on a day-by-day basis.

On the bottom graph, you can see David 's overall progress.