Download our game-changing app

The ObjectiveEd Games app can installed on either the teacher's iPad and the student's iPad.  You should not download the ObjectiveEd Games app unless you are participating in a pilot or your school or agency has already subscribed.

When you login with your teacher email address and password, you can test the several of the games that we've pre-configured for you, as well as test out games that you have customized specifically for your student.

When your student logs in with the the ID you've assigned them (we recommend you do not use the student name or email for privacy considerations), the student will see only the games you've set up for them.

If you would like to sign up for a pilot, press to contact us:

Currently, this app is available only for iPad.  We will be adding more mobile devices in the future.


To download the app onto your iPad, tap below, or search in the Apple App Store for "ObjectiveEd":