For teachers getting started with ObjectiveEd, please view our training videos, and then attend one of our weekly Q&A sessions.


For teachers at schools that have not yet subscribed to ObjectiveEd, attend our Introductory Webinar, described below.


Wednesdays at 3:00 PM ET

ObjectiveEd – Weekly Q&A Session

This webinar is a weekly session that we host to answer any questions that

you have about ObjectiveEd. This webinar will be open for an hour, and you

can stop by and ask questions at any time during that window.

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On-Demand or Live with Questions

Introductory Webinar: Using ObjectiveEd for Reinforcement and Hybrid Learning

While many schools became familiar with ObjectiveEd for distance and hybrid learning, most teachers now use ObjectiveEd for it's original intent: reinforcement learning.  Students practice at home or in the resource room, using games, what you taught them, and you monitor their progress on your web-dashboard.  1.0 ACVREP CEU.