Dear Parent or Guardian:


I am a teacher, working with students with visual impairments.  My colleagues and I have been given an opportunity to collaborate with a company to build educational games for visually impaired students.


The company is ObjectiveEd, and it is associated with an organization your child may already be familiar with – Blindfold Games.  Blindfold Games has produced over 80 accessible audio games on the iPhone and iPad; over 20,000 visually impaired children and adults enjoy the games.    Some of the Blindfold Games are used to practice skills such as directionality, sonification and fine motor control.


ObjectiveEd’s games, once created, will help your student learn skills recommended by the Expanded Core Curriculum for visually impaired students, and will be based on the goals and objectives of each student’s Individual Educational Plan.


Game developers from Objective Ed would like to observe me, or one of my colleagues, as we provide training and services to your child. The game developers will not have access to any private information about your child or their IEP.


Participation in this observation is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to allow your child to participate will not affect the services normally provided to your child. Your child’s participation in this observation will not lead to the loss of any benefits to which he or she is otherwise entitled. Even if you give your permission for your child to be observed, your child is free to refuse to participate. If your child agrees to participate, he or she is free to end participation at any time. You and your child are not waiving any legal claims, rights, or remedies because of your child’s participation in this research study.


Should you have any questions or desire further information, please call me or email me at:




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