Tour of ObjectiveEd

You teach, we encourage students to practice.

Whether you are an itinerant teacher with dozens of students on your caseload or you assist just one student, our games let your students practice when you aren't around, and help your students master skills and lessons at home or in the regular ed classroom.

And if you need to provide hybrid or distance learning, you can monitor each of your student's progress on the ObjectiveEd web dashboard for teachers.

ObjectiveEd games are based on our patent-pending "closed-loop" digital curriculum technology.  
Orientation and Mobility skill-building games
Assistive Technology skill-building games
Transition Adventures - Audio Interactive Fiction games to practice Pre-ETS
Braille Sheets - Custom early braille literacy for your students
Braille AI Tutor - Custom advanced braille literacy using a refreshable display
Web dashboard for Teachers: Pick skills to practice, see how quickly students master them
Teacher Learning Center: Share, Search and Connect
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