Using iPad Games with Digital Data Progress Tracking
to Practice Expanded Core Curriculum
based on each student’s IEP


Students want to play video games - we've found a way to encourage students to practice ECC skills while they are playing.

ObjectiveEd creates curriculum-based games that work with your teaching - giving visually impaired pre-K through 12th grade students the ability to practice what you teach, when you aren’t around.  The skills are based on each student’s individual IEP and come from the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Each game operates uniquely, based on the objectives & skills that you want your student to learn and practice.  Your student’s progress is tracked in a secure cloud, available to you and the IEP team through a web-based dashboard.

The games teach skills including assistive technology (voice over gestures, keyboard efficiency), braille literacy (early & advanced braille, contractions, speed), sensory efficiency (audio location & movement cues), orientation & mobility, and social interaction.

Primary learning objectives:

  • You will learn why “gamification” and “digital data progress tracking” leads to improved educational outcomes.

  • You will learn which Expanded Core Curriculum skills can easily be taught through mobile games and interactive simulations.

  • You will learn why digital data collection of student progress is important for preparing upcoming lessons and creating better IEP progress reports.

  • You will have an opportunity to see these games played by students.

Continuing Education Credits:

This is a one-hour session; the first half hour is a live narrated slide presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.  To receive credit, you complete a Survey Monkey short quiz.

About the Presenter:

Marty Schultz is a co-founder of ObjectiveEd, which builds ECC Curriculum-based games for pre-K to 12th grade students, used by TVIs, O&Ms, and of Blindfold Games (accessible entertainment audio games).  He has degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University and Harvard Business School.

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