Who can use the ObjectiveEd system?

Currently, ObjectiveEd works primarily with school districts.  We do this for several reasons:

  • Teachers understand the needs of their students, and can configure our digital curriculum to the needs of each student (based on their IEP), to ensure their distance learning is most effective.

  • We are focusing our resources on helping school systems through this crisis.

The USAGE AGREEMENT that a school administrator signs protects both the school and ObjectiveEd, because there are strict legal issues when student data is stored online.  ObjectiveEd DOES NOT store any personally identifying information, such as a student's name.  When a teacher adds a student to our system, she uses an id number or "gamer-tag" for that student along with a password.  A student's email or name is never used in our system.  ObjectiveEd stores data such a child's progress in mastering a skill that's part of the IEP.


We work with teachers instead of parents, because teachers better understand the needs and goals of each student.  Our customer service group helps teachers use our system effectively; we cannot explain what "games" or "goals" are best for a student.

Parents have contacted us to our system with their children.  Our first recommendation is for these parents to work with their regular TVI or O&M.  Working with your school system, the teacher can use the system at no charge between now and the end of the 2019/2020 school year.

Some parents want to purchase these resources for their child if their school is not participating in our distance learning offer.  They can do that by purchasing our system on behalf of their child's teacher, and have the child's teacher set up the system, and contact us when they need help.  When a parent buys online, the setup is fully automated, so it does not require additional resources from our company.

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