Why games help students learn

You teach, we encourage students to practice.

Whether you are an itinerant teacher with dozens of students on your caseload or you assist just one student, our games let your students practice when you aren't around, and help your students master skills and lessons at home or in the regular ed classroom.

Quicker Development Braille Literacy

  • Braille Creation

  • Braille Reading

  • Improving Reading Speed

Mastering Assistive Technology

  • Voice-over gestures

  • Qwerty keyboard

Faster acquisition of Core Curriculum

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

Advance sensory efficiency

  • Audio Location

  • Audio Memory

  • Audio Movement & Sound Tracking

Improved Orientation & Mobility

  • Virtual Orientation: Laterality, Compass & Clock Directionality

  • Combined Virtual & Real-world Orientation

  • Real-world Orientation

Enhanced Social Interaction

  • Cooperation

  • Leadership

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