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Worried about
your child's reading?

Mom looking worried
Boy looking bored with book.
Girl looking bored.

Are they actually reading?
Are they frustrated?
Are they stuck?
Why doesn't their reading improve?


Your children will read longer.
Your children will read better.
Help them discover the joy of reading!

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Active Independent

Our BuddyReading™ method has your children read with a computer partner, similar to reading with you, alternating turns between passages. This helps your children feel comfortable practicing, and improves their self-confidence.

BuddyBooks engages your children using a multisensory reading approach, employing both traditional reading modalities, listening and reading.




Engaging and Enjoyable

BuddyBooks breaks the reading down into separated passages, which reduces reader fatigue and improves comprehension.  Buddy Reading requires less cognitive load, so your children can read books at their interest level.

When a book matches your children's interests, they spend more time reading.  And that improves their reading skills.

Gives you peace of mind

You pick books and monitor your children's reading practice through the Parent Dashboard. 

Our web-dashboard allows you to easily monitor your children's reading practice.  BuddyBooks provides you with valuable data, such as your children's reading duration, and reading fluency, all from their independent reading practice.

Cartoon image of a child hold a book with a computer holding a book, and arrows pointing between the child and the computerl.


Your children actively participate as they independently read with "Buddy"

Your child and the computer alternate reading sentences from a book you picked for them.  They read when its their turn and listen when it's the computer's turn.  Your child is engaged as they read, enjoying the story. 

“It's not about learning to read.  It's about practicing to read better.”
Amy, mom of an 8 year old.
Long passage in a book broken into smaller chunks shared by computer and student.

Easier to read passages

Your kids will begin reading at their interest level, not just their reading level

BuddyBooks transforms dense, long paragraphs into easier-to-comprehend passages that are shared between each child and Buddy. 

“BuddyBooks is like having a second set of ears for listening to my kids read out loud.”
Frances, mom of 4 children

Parent Dashboard

Calendar showing days when student didn't read, or didn;t read full time or did read full time with BuddyBooks
Fluency chart

BuddyBooks tells you how long, and how well, your children are reading

BuddyBooks' technology listens to your children's oral reading  and shows you how much time your children are reading, if the book is too easy or too hard, and where your children need your help.

“My kids like audiobooks.  But they are listening, not  reading.”
Jenni, mom of 2 children
Photo of a boy wearing headphones using BuddyBooks on a tablet.
Carousel of some book covers available in BuddyBooks.
What are kids reading with BuddyBooks?

BuddyBooks has selections for every age.

If your child has a reading disability like dyslexia, you can select from over 1 million fiction and non-fiction books in the Bookshare library.

“Before when using BuddyBooks, I had a tendency to add words.  Now it corrects me when I add words, and that helps me get better.
Hannah, 11 year old

The Science behind Review Mode

Parent Dashboard
View & Listen to Improvement

BuddyBooks helps your children correct mistakes

Each day when your children read with BuddyBooks, we have them review a passage that they struggled with.  Children will hear their mistakes, hear the correct reading modeled for them, and will have an opportunity to self correct.

“BuddyBooks gives my children the feedback they need to improve."
Rebecca, mom of an 11 year old girl and a 14 year old boy

How BuddyBooks helps your children read better - 5 minutes

Getting started with  BuddyBooks - 2 Minutes

“Before BuddyBooks, it was really difficult for me to monitor how my kids were reading.  I had to quiz each child about what was happening in the story. Now BuddyBooks shows me."

Trish, mom of 3 children
  • What do I need to use BuddyBooks?
    Your child uses BuddyBooks on a PC, Mac or Chromebook, using the Google Chrome browser, and the iPad. We will be adding support for iPhone soon. The computer needs to have a microphone. In most cases, your child does not need a headset with microphone. You use the Parent Dashboard in a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • What books are available in BuddyBooks?
    BuddyBooks provides hundreds of books for children from 2nd grade to high school. If your child has dyslexia or another reading disability, there are over 1 million books (copyrighted fiction and non-fiction) available from Bookshare that are available in BuddyBooks.
  • How do I get my child screened for dyslexia?
    You have many screening options including your local public school, a local university or a local hospital. A reading specialist can also provide documentation (for Bookshare) indicating a reading disability. You can also use the dyslexia screening app from NeuroLearning. Your child takes a series of tests on this iPhone/Android app, and a doctor analyzes the results and sends you a report. Find out more: Dyslexlia Screening App.
  • What age range does BuddyBooks help?
    BuddyBooks is appropriate for students from grade school (about 2nd or 3rd grade) to high school. BuddyBooks provides access to over 1 million books for all age ranges. Children need to be able to read a five to six word sentence to benefit from BuddyBooks.
  • Are there discounts for homeschool coops or other organizations?
    Please contact us at
  • Are there discounts for schools?
    There's a school version of BuddyBooks that many public, private and charter schools use. Contact us at
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