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A better way to practice reading

For struggling readers, practice is essential.
BuddyBooks revolutionizes independent practice by having students read with an AI reading partner.
Reading that’s

BuddyBooks engages students using a multisensory reading approach, employing both traditional reading modalities, listening and reading. BuddyBooks also breaks the reading down into separated passages, reducing reader fatigue and improving comprehension. 

Reading that’s interactive

Our BuddyReading™ method has students read with a computer partner, similar to reading with a parent or teacher, alternating turns between passages. This helps students feel comfortable practicing, and improves their self-confidence.

Reading that’s measurable

Our web-dashboard allows you to easily monitor your students' reading practice.  BuddyBooks provides you with valuable data, such as your student's reading duration, and reading fluency, all from their independent reading practice.

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What are students reading with BuddyBooks?

ObjectiveEd’s partnership with Bookshare means you can use your Bookshare account to assign virtually any book to your student. You can assign ELA or Core Curriculum reading material, high interest books, or books for appropriate and targeted practice.

Who is BuddyBooks for?

BuddyBooks is designed to help struggling readers in grade school, middle school and high school.

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