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Data-Driven Reading Accountability

BuddyBooks reads with your students, and provides you with concrete data on how long your students are reading the books you've assigned them.  BuddyBooks will even tell you if your students didn't actually read.

Using the teacher web-dashboard, you can monitor how many minutes your students have read in the past week, the phonemes they are  struggling with, and their overall reading accuracy and speed.  Additionally, you can listen to audio files of specific passages that your students struggled with, giving you a better understanding of their difficulties.


Buddy Reading™

BuddyBooks is based on Buddy Reading, where a student reads with a computer partner aloud, alternating sentences or passages.


Research has shown that this type of "shared reading" helps students improve their reading skills and researchers in Princeton, New Jersey found that computer buddy reading is a very effective tool for readers.

BuddyBooks can be especially valuable for some students with reading disabilities who feel nervous reading out loud in the classroom.


National Science Foundation Research Grant

BuddyBooks was partially funded through a National Science Foundation SBIR Grant to research and develop AI technology to improve a student's literacy skills.


AI-based Oral Reading Analysis

BuddyBooks uses Microsoft’s Speech Services to listen to and read with your student, analyzing your student's pronunciation of specific phonemes and their overall reading accuracy.  BuddyBooks provides you with concrete data on each student's reading performance.


Massive Book Libraries

You can assign books to your students from ObjectiveEd’s library, which contains books ranging from Treasure Island and The Wizard of Oz to The Great Gatsby.  Or you can use your BookShare account to import books from BookShare’s massive library of over 1 million titles. 


These massive book libraries ensures that students can use BuddyBooks to read  books appropriate for their reading level.